USPS 2022 Promotions

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Building upon the success of prior mailing promotions, the Postal Service has developed a Mailing Promotion Calendar for Calendar Year (CY) 2022. The general purpose of the CY 2022 Promotions is to encourage marketers, printers, and mailers to utilize new technology and print techniques that enhance the traditional benefits of a physical mailpiece. The Mailing Promotions are intended to facilitate engagement between marketers and USPS to elevate mail and drive industry best practices; and add value for First-Class Mail mailers. 

Click the link below to see the 2022 Promotions calendar and an overview of each promotion. Contact your Cenveo Sales Representative or schedule a free consultation to learn how to incorporate these promotions into your direct mail or transactional mail projects this year and save 4% on postage costs in 2022.