Protecting The Environment

Focus on Sustainability

As a leading player in the printing industry, Cenveo knows it is our responsibility to be stewards of a greener environment. We support the growing commitment of corporations and individuals to environmental sustainability, and we know that it is important to your customers as well. We’re proud to have instituted a company-wide program of environmental awareness and sustainability practices, and we’re proud to be your printer.

For Cenveo, acting in an environmentally responsible manner means operating under the following principles:

  • Always minimize the impact of our operations on the environment
  • Use environmentally sustainable or eco-certified products to our customers whenever possible 
  • Constantly evaluate environment performance at all facilities and use this information to facilitate continuous improvement
  • Employee-wide accountability for full compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and standards

Green printing is not just printing on recycled paper. It’s a business approach we’ve adopted internally at Cenveo, and one we bring to our customers as well. We have worked to evolve our printing and manufacturing approach to include innovative, environmentally responsible products and processes.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce the use of resources, improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and minimize pollutants. To us, “being green” as committing to increased environmental stewardship through manufacturing processes based on the following operational principles.

  • Responsible Paper Sourcing & Recycling
  • Soy and Vegetable-Based Inks
  • Overall Energy Efficiency
  • Eliminating Wasteful Production Practices: Cenveo’s War On Waste (WOW)