Cenveo provides an eStorefront punch-out to the largest ten-pin bowling center operator in the world. The company has over 300 centers, most of which are located in the United States, and operates five brands.

The company had over 800 products that needed to be updated frequently, which the marketing staff managed manually using spreadsheets. The team struggled with template/personalization management, and had an inefficient approval process for updates and design revisions. They were also concerned about inconsistency in branding. In addition, the company was experiencing issues with request fulfillment and tracking orders from individual centers.  
The company’s goal was to expand the reach of their brands; however, they were unable to track spend, brand/property performance, or the success of printed materials in order to measure their success.

Cenveo’s Solution:
Cenveo worked with the client to create a better operational and program governance model. We introduced Cenveo’s integrated range of print:  Full digital capabilities supported by variable programming, commercial print, grand format, promotional items, envelopes, eCommerce, kitting/ pick and pack, distribution, and outsourced partners for member cards.
The company migrated to Cenveo’s technology platform and eStorefront, allowing users to customize menu and poster templates which are classified within tiers related to food, drink and game type. The solution also allows for virtual proofing, which provided transparency and an audit trail for edits, and simplified the approval process.

Working with Cenveo’s platform has resulted in significant cost savings:
  • Freight bill reduced by  over 50%
  • Reduced obsolescence by over $900,000
  • 35% Faster time to market
The client has acknowledged improvements in the print quality of their products. The marketing teams have ability to easily access and share assets, and managing the revision schedule is much easier and takes less time, freeing up the teams to focus on their goal of broadening their brand reach.
Cenveo’s experienced and dedicated team recommended a number of creative solutions for brand products for kids, including Activity Books, a Passport Program, School Flyers and Standees, and we are now producing Human Resources and Training materials